camping sites with campervans and tents


Tahuna Beach Holiday Park has 850 campsites spread across 54 acres of parkland. These are located in four separate colour-coded zones, which means you can choose the area that has the features and facilities you want.

Each zone has its own communal kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities – along with a recycling station. As well, here’s a quick snapshot of the other features and facilities of each zone.

White zone Yellow Zone Blue Zone Green Zone
Location Closest to park entrance & shop In the centre of the park In the heart of our recreation zone Most westerly/ scenic area
Parenting facilities Yes Yes
Playground Yes Yes
Disabled facilities Yes Yes Yes
Water front sites Yes Yes
BBQ Yes Yes Yes
Power Sites Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-Power Sites Yes Yes Yes Yes

Please see our park map or follow the links below to find out more about the features of each zone.