About us

Our Temecula Countryside Family


Keegan Smith

Co-Owner and Financial Manager


Keegan grew up playing sports including professional soccer after graduating USD with a business degree. This means he is always ready to be a team player and knows what it takes to make things happen. He loves Temecula and is devoted to creating great guest experiences and memories at our properties.


What is your favorite thing about the Temecula Countryside Life?

“My favorite thing is that this ends up being a multi-generation project which is extremely meaningful. Our father loves Galway Downs and so do we, cultivating our family roots in Temecula only makes the town we grew up in that much better, and starting our families and instilling the love and hard work for what we have and where we live is an experience everyone appreciates. My favorite thing is that our guests get the sense of family and growth and all of this happens in the most beautiful wine country equestrian setting. There is not much more I could ask for.”


Brad Smith

CO-Owner and Operations Manager


Brad’s hardworking and detail oriented personality is part of what makes Temecula Countryside Rentals be able to give the incredible experience you are able to enjoy today. With a degree in agricultural business his passion for the countryside and all it provides is what fuels our team.


What is your favorite thing about the Temecula Countryside Life?

“My love for the outdoors and Galway Downs runs deep as this is where I’m raising my 3 children! My favorite thing to do on my downtime? take care of my plants, my chickens, and my family. My slogan? ‘Yard work is life!'”


Isabella Smith

Marketing and Property Management


With a background in Architecture and Design Isabella has a great time working on the marketing side of Temecula Countryside Rentals helping develop our brand and outreach. Her friendly and thoughtful personality makes her experience with our guests one that feels like family.


What is your favorite thing about the Temecula Countryside Life?

“My favorite thing is seeing our guests having a great time during their stay! Seeing the impact we can make in peoples lives providing a cool outdoor wholesome experience that helps them connect with each other and the outdoors is so rewarding! I also love taking my doggy Simba with me around property, you’ll rarely see me without my four legged sidekick!.”


Jennifer Smith

Marketing and Property Management


Having worked in the health care industry for 10 years, Jenny loves to provide the team insight and having the most caring attention towards guests she is an incredible addition to the TCR team! It is always great to have a nurse on call! She is also incredible with event planning which makes her such a great resource when we are planning events around our properties! Momma of 3 you will often see her around Galway with her little ones!


What is your favorite thing about the Temecula Countryside Life?


“My favorite thing is being able to serve the Temecula Community! I love being able to provide to and enhance Temecula as its my home”